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I don't know if the Finnish books, mentioned below, are available in English so I have added in (parentheses) a rough translation in English, to give some indication of the contents.


Written sources

  • Talvisodan historia Osat 1, 2, 3, 4", 4th edition
    ("The history of Winter War vol. 1, 2, 3, 4")
    Institute of Military Science, 1977
    Published by WSOY, 1991, Finland
    ISBN 951-0-17565-X (whole set)

  • "Suomen linnoittamisen historia 1918 - 1944"
    ("The history of Finland's fortifying 1918 - 1944")
    Written by Reino Arimo, 1981
    Published by Kustannusosakeyhtiö Otava, Finland
    ISBN 951-1-06263-8

  • "Suomalainen ja Venäläinen taktiikka Talvisodassa"
    ("The Finnish and Soviet tactics in Winter War")
    Written by Y. A. Järvinen
    Published by WSOY, 1948, Finland

  • "Talvisodan Taipale"
    ("Taipale in Winter War") (Original Swedish name;"Vinterkrigets Taipale, En studie av det sega försvarets påfrestningar")
    Written by B. G. Geijer
    Published by WSOY, 1955, Finland

  • "Summa"
    Written by Jaakko Hakala and Martti Santavuori
    Published by Otava, 1960, Keuruu, Finland

  • "Kenraalimotti , Laatokan koillispuolen talvisotaa 1939 - 1940"
    ("The General Motti, winter war in the northeastern side of Lake Ladoga 1939 - 1940")
    Written by Tauno Räisänen
    Published by K.J.Gummerus, 1959, Finland

  • "Talvisota minun näkökulmastani"
    ("The Winter War from my point of view")
    Written by Harald Öhquist
    Published by WSOY, 1949, Finland

  • "A Frozen Hell, The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-40"
    Written by William R. Trotter, 1991
    Published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, USA

  • "The Soviet Invasion of Finland 1939 - 1940"
    Written by Carl Van Dyke, 1997
    Published by Frank Cass, London
    ISBN 0-7146-4753-5

  • "Itsenäisen Suomen Kenttätykit 1918 - 1995"
    ("Field guns in Finland, 1918 - 1995")
    Written by Jyri Paulaharju, 1996
    Published by Military Museum of Finland
    ISBN 951-25-0811-7

  • “Tykistömuseon 78 tykkiä”
    (“The 78 guns of the Artillery Museum”)
    Written by Unto Partanen
    Published by Tykkimiehet RY and Tykistömuseo, 1988, Finland
    ISBN 951-99934-4-4

  • "Suomi taisteli osa 1, 2"
    ("Finland fought vol. 1, 2")
    (a collection of diaries, articles, letters etc. a total 7 volumes)
    Various writers
    Published by WSOY, 1978, Finland
    ISBN 951-0-08139-6 (1st vol)
    ISBN 951-0-08140-X (2nd vol)
    ISBN 951-0-08138-8 (whole set)

  • "Paraatimarssi Suomeen"
    ("A parade march into Finland") (original name; unknown)
    -The Winter War through the eyes of the soviet soldiers-
    Written by Viktor Stepakov and Dmitri Orehov
    Published by WSOY, 1992, Finland (the Finnish translation)

  • "Suomalaiset Panssarivaunut 1918 - 1997"
    (The Finnish Armoured Vehicles 1918 - 1997")
    Written by Esa Muikku and Jukka Purhonen
    Published by Apali Oy, Finland

  • "Suomi 75, Itsenäisen Suomen Historia", 3rd edition
    ("Finland 75 years, The history of independent Finland")
    Various writers
    Published by Weilin+Göös, 1991, Finland
    ISBN 951-35-5157-1 (the whole series)

  • "Suomi sodassa"
    ("Finland at war")
    Various writers
    Published by Valitut Palat (Reader's Digest), 1982, Finland
    ISBN 951-584-345-6

  • "Mottien Maa, IV Armeijakunnan sotatoimet Talvisodassa"
    ("The land of the Motti's, the operations of the IV Corps during the Winter War
    Written by Antti Juutilainen
    Published by WSOY, 1985, Finland
    ISBN 951-0-13279-9

  • "Sotilaskäsiaseet Suomessa 1918 - 1988 osat 1, 2, 3"
    ("Military small arms in Finland 1918 - 1988 vol 1, 2, 3")
    Written by Markku Palokangas
    Published by The Arms Historic Society of Finland, 1991

  • "Talvisodan Pikkujättiläinen"
    ("The little giant of Talvisota" , "the little giant" meaning a kind of "factbook")
    Various writers, edited by Jari Leskinen and Antti Juutilainen
    Published by WSOY, 1999, Finland
    ISBN 951-0-23536-9

  • "Marskin panssarintuhoojat"
    ("Marshal's tank busters")
    Written by Erkki Käkelä
    Published by WSOY, 2000, Finland
    ISBN 951-0-24638-7

  • "Talvisodan salatut taustat"
    ("The concealed backgrounds of the Winter War")
    Written by Ohto Manninen
    Published by WSOY, 1994, Finland
    ISBN 951-90-5251-0

  • "Petsamo Talvisodan kourissa"
    ("Petsamo in the clutches of Winter War")
    Written by Antero Vuorio
    Published by Arvi A. Karisto Oy, 1982, Finland
    ISBN 951-26-2321-8

  • "Suomen Panssarintorjunnan tykkiaseistus"-article in the "Journal of Military History 17"
    ("Anti-tank guns used by the Finnish army")
    Written by Markku Palokangas
    Published by "The Society for Military History" and "The Military Museum of Finland", 1998, Finland

  • "Suomen kenttätykistön historia osa 1"
    ("The history of the Finnish field artillery, Vol I")
    Written by Jyri Paulaharju, 1989
    Published by Suomen Kenttätykistön säätiö
    ISBN 952-90082-0-1

  • "Suomen kenttätykistön historia osa 2"
    ("The history of the Finnish field artillery Vol II")
    Written by Jyri Paulaharju, Martti Sinerma and Matti Koskimaa, 1994
    Published by Suomen Kenttätykistön säätiö
    ISBN 952-90-5511-0

  • "Itsenäisen Suomen rannikkotykit 1918 - 1998"
    ("Coastal guns in Finland 1918 - 1998")
    Written by Ove Enqvist, 1999
    Published by Military Museum of Finland
    ISBN 951-25-1033-2

  • "Pioneeriaselajin historia 1918 - 1968"
    ("The history of the Engineer Arm 1918 - 1968")
    Written by Eero-Eetu Saarinen
    Published by Pioneeriupseeriyhdistys R.Y.
    Printed by K.J.Gummerus in Jyväskylä, 1975
    ISBN 951-99063-9-8

  • "Pioneerit Sodassa 1939 - 1944, osa 1"
    ("Engineers at war 1939 - 1944, vol 1")
    Various writers
    Printed by SASApaino, Salo 1994, Finland
    ISBN 952-905282-0


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Archival sources

(In here I have listed archival sources, which I have used on some articles)


Sota-arkisto (=SArk) (War Archives in English)
PL 54
00581 Helsinki
(Tel. 358-9-18126503, Fax. 358-9-18126505)


  • SArk, SKK / 587 A-B
    "Mannerheim-linja v.1939 ja VT-linja v.1944, vertaileva operatiivis-taktillinen tutkimus"
    ("Mannerheim Line, year 1939 and VT-Line year 1944, an operational-tactical comparative study")
    Sotakorkeakoulun diplomityö, 7.8.1954
    ("Military Academy diploma study" 7 August 1954)
    By Captain P.Hovilainen

  • SArk, SPK / 2575
    Sotapäiväkirja, 26.Pioneerikomppania
    (War diary, i.e. records, 26th Engineer Company)

  • SArk, T 4295/19
    "Jääkäripataljoona 4:n tehtävät ja vaiheet, sodassa 1939-1940"
    ("The assignments and events of the 4th Jaeger Battalion in the War of 1939-1940", i.e. an 'After action report' )
    By Erkki Komonen
    (Many thanks to Pekka de Groot for sending me this)


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Picture sources

I have added a mark in most of my pictures, to identify the copyright owner. The pictures are published on this website by permission. If you copy any of these pictures to other than personal use, ask the permission from the copyright owner.

SA = Finnish Defense Forces, Education Development Centre, Photographic section

MM = Military Museum, Helsinki, Finland

FN = Finnish Navy

FAF = Finnish Air Forces

S.K. = Pictures taken by myself. Most of which are taken from different museums in Finland. These include:
- The Military Museum in Helsinki, Finland
- The Artillery Museum in Hämeenlinna, Finland
- The Armor Museum in Parola, Finland
All pictures from those museums are published on this website by permission of the museum Director's.


Links to pages with information about the Museums mentioned above

Military Museum in Helsinki
(The link will take you to the website of the Finnish National Defense College, click the 'Military Museum' on the left under the 'Other Departments)

Artillery Museum in Hämeenlinna

Armor Museum in Parola

For questions about picture copyrights, see 'Sources' page

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