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of the Winter War

The most famous battles of the Winter War are probably the "Suomussalmi" and "Raate Road" battles. Also the successful counterattack of the Finnish IV Corps, during late December - January, resulting in the so-called "Motti-area", and the meatgrinding battles in the "Summa-sector" are well know internationally.

There were also dozens of other battles which were smaller in scale but equally important. I have tried to include to this page also those "other battles". I've decided not to include the battles in the "Summa", "Taipale", "Äyräpää" etc., that were fought for weeks, since it would simply take too long to illustrate them in detail, and because specific data is often hard to come by.



Some of the battle articles listed below are still under construction, the available ones have a link. More will be added, as soon as I get them finished.


I have divided the Finnish - Soviet frontier into three main sections:

  1. The Karelian Isthmus
  2. The Ladoga Karelia
  3. The Centre - North Finland (the rest of the frontier)

Click a section on the map to see the list of battle

The Karelian Isthmus The Ladoga Karelia The northern "Wilderness Front"


The Karelian Isthmus


The Ladoga Karelia

The Centre - Northern Finland


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