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What's new?

Updates to the site


3 December 2003

After a looooong while, decided to upload some small updates while waiting for the major updates.
The Red Army Order of Battle, 30 November 1939
Casualties in the Winter War - Supplementary: Finnish Daily Deaths


24 February 2002

Two new pages added.
The weather during the Winter War, Part I
The weather during the Winter War, Part II
The purpose of the pages are to shed some light on the notorious weather of the Winter War.
As the pages have lots of graphics, the loading may take a while.


1 January 2002

The new version of the site launched. The old version had corrupted MS Frontpage "shared border" feature, which refused to work again despite numerous attempts to remedy the problem. The new site uses templates, which should work better. This new version is also designed for 1024 x 768 resolution.
New pages include:
The Finnish Pioneer Arm in the Winter War, parts 1 and part 2
The map in The Battle of Tolvajärvi was remade
The History of the Mannerheim Line, part 2 and part 3 have received new information
Some small changes made to all pages.

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