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About the Finnish

I have used the Finnish names on the maps and texts, mainly because it's hard to find Soviet names and match them with my sources, which use Finnish names.
The place-names in Finnish are almost always literal. They are usually constructed with a suffix that is also a noun, describing the terrain or the place. The following place-suffixes can be found in these pages:
-joki : river
-järvi : lake
-kallio : rock
-kirkko : church
-koski : rapids, shoot, chute
-lahti : bay
-lampi : pond, small lake
-metsä : forest
-niemi : cape
-puro : stream
-ranta : beach
-saari : island
-salmi : strait
-suo : marsh
-vaara : ridge
the Finnish "ä" is pronounced like the a in "apple" or "ass"


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Unit Abbreviations

I have used Finnish abbreviations in these pages, because the Finnish sources use them and it's easier to me. This may pose a problem with the Soviet units, since they are designated with the Finnish abbreviations, which might not be entirely correct.

P-SR : North Finland Group (Pohjois-Suomen Ryhmä in Finnish)
LR : Lapland Group (Lapin Ryhmä in Finnish)
P-KR : North Karelia Group (Pohjois-Karjalan Ryhmä in Finnish)
1.D : the 1st division
JR : infantry regiment (Jalkaväkirykmentti in Finnish)
Pr. : brigade (Prikaati in Finnish)
HRR : "Häme" cavalry regiment (Hämeen ratsurykmentti in Finnish)
URR : "Uudenmaa" dragoon regiment (Uudenmaan Rakuunarykmentti in Finnish)
ITR : Antiaircraft regiment (ilmatorjuntarykmentti in Finnish)
KTR : Field artillery regiment (Kenttätykistörykmentti in Finnish)
I/KTR 5 : the 1st artillery battalion of the KTR 5
P : battalion (Pataljoona in Finnish)
JP : Jaeger battalion (Jääkäri pataljoona in Finnish)
: bicycle battalion (Polkupyöräpataljoona in Finnish)
II/JR 10 : 2nd battalion of JR 10
Kev.Os. : light detachment (kevyt osasto in Finnish)
Psto : artillery battalion (patteristo in Finnish)
Ptri : battery (patteri in Finnish)
Rask. = heavy (raskas in Finnish)
Jär. = Super-heavy (Järeä in Finnish)
Er. : separate , independent (erillinen, erillis- in Finnish)
K : company (Komppania in Finnish)
Er.K : separate company
Pans.K : tank company (panssarikomppania in Finnish)
Er.P 11 : 11th separate battalion
Pion.K : Engineer company
Os. : Task Force, detachment (Osasto in Finnish)
Tst.Os. : Battle group (Taisteluosasto in Finnish)
RT : Group Talvela (Ryhmä Talvela in Finnish)
P-SR : North Finland Group (Pohjois-Suomen Ryhmä in Finnish)
J : Platoon (Joukkue in Finnish)
LMe.P. : Ladoga coast defense (Laatokan Meripuolustus in Finnish)
TO : recon detachment (Tiedusteluosasto in Finnish)
RO : border guard detachment (Rajavartio-osasto in Finnish)
Kv.K / Kev.K : light company (Kevyt komppania in Finnish)
KT-Pr. : Field replacements brigade (Kenttätäydennysprikaati in Finnish)
SissiP : Guerilla/Ranger battalion (Sissipataljoona in Finnish)
LLv. : (Aircraft) Squadron (Lentolaivue in Finnish)
LeR. : Aircraft Regiment (Lentorykmentti in Finnish)


-The companies in a regiment are divided among the battalion as follows; the 1st, 2nd and 3rd company are in the 1st battalion and the 4th, 5th and 6th company are in the 2nd battalion and so on.
-The machine gun companies have the same number as their parent battalion, for example the 2nd mg-company is in the 2nd battalion.
Therefore 8./JR 10 is the 8th company of JR 10 (from the regiment's 3rd battalion)

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Artillery abbreviations

I have used the Finnish abbreviations in naming the artillery pieces. It's actually simple; for example "76 K 02" is a "76mm cannon Model 1902", the first number is the calibre in millimetres, then the letter(s) tells the type of the gun, and following number tells the year when the gun was originally taken into use.

KTR : Field Artillery Regiment (Kenttätykistörykmentti in Finnish)
Rask. : heavy (raskas in Finnish)
Jär. : Super-heavy (Järeä in Finnish)
Liik. : mobile (liikkuva in Finnish)
Psto : artillery battalion (patteristo in Finnish)
Ptri : battery (patteri in Finnish
Rats.Ptri : horse artillery battery (ratsastava patteri in Finnish)
K : Cannon, gun (kanuuna in Finnish)
H : Howitzer (haupitsi in Finnish)
KH : gun-howitzer (kanuunahaupitsi in Finnish)
VK : mountain gun (vuorikanuuna in Finnish)
VH : mountain howitzer (vuorihaupitsi in Finnish)
LK : gun, short (lyhennetty kanuuna in Finnish)
RK : infantry gun (rykmentinkanuuna in Finnish)
Er. : separate / independent (erillinen, erillis- in Finnish)

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